Momentary thoughts of desire

Momentary thoughts of desire

Ever you had a moment

When you caught somebodies eye

And had a jolt of attraction

That made you stir inside

Got you to the point where you fantasise

Where it shook your being

And though you know its not right

You kind of wish for a moment or two

That you were doing things that lovers do

The whole heavy breathing

And the pounding chest

The anticipation of what’s coming next

Making you tremble and go weak in the legs

And you imagine how you moan

And how much you sweat

Leaving you flushed and so breathless

And in that moment of desire and erotic thought

You wonder what would happen if you were caught

Aroused and excited needing to be touched

Maybe even taken home to be thourghly…….

Nope just me then 🙂

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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