Test drive, and a hot ride.

She and her husband were due to view the new car together

He could not make it due to work

So she went alone to see the car

She met the seller a guy middle aged distinguished and grey

She felt at ease straight away

He suggested a test drive to prove the car ok

Inside was spacious, with leather seats

Very good condition and a price no one could beat

He told her where to drive, all the best spots

One place so beautiful he suggested they should stop

She agreed the place was one of beauty

He said ‘just like you’ then told his intentions

And it was to seduce

She had her short tight skirt that showed her long legs

And her little strappy top

Underneath her jacket

Which he soon took off

She had no intention of letting him

But as his hand run up her leg

She found her knees parting

As she moaned helpless beneath her breath

His hands and fingers were so skilled

As they did their very best

Soon he had taken down her straps on her top

And eased her top down under her breast

Her bra came off her back was arched

Her seat now reclined back

He kissed all her sensual areas

And she felt her body ache

And in this isolated beauty spot

He seduced her in every way

They worked up a sweat

Then moved onto next position the car allowed

Her moans her loud, his hands were firm

The made out in the front and back

He showed this was the perfect car

As the space it did not lack

And after what seemed liked the longest time

And neither could reprise no more

They went back to her house

Her cheeks flushed with a red glow

Her husband now was home

And he asked how was the ride

She said it was the best ever

And said she couldn’t lie

Her husband smiled and shook the other man’s hand and said let’s seal the deal

The car was theirs and her husband asked how did his wife feel

The guy said she was everytging and more just like he had said

And asked if he could test drive her once more more

Or even twice at best

Her husband said that was fine by him

And asked if she agreed

She could not believe this was something on which they had both agreed

But because she was still feeling the passion

From the time spent in the car

She agreed to going for further rides

Because it was something that she liked

Her husband said I hope you did not mind that we arranged it in advance

She smiled and said let me tell you all

As we all go for a spin in the car

And you can see for yourself what a good ride it truly was

But she made it clear he would just sit in the car and watch.

He didn’t mind at all.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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