I drift in and out of light

And in and out of wormholes

In and out of reality

Carousing through so may fantasies

Spiraling through a whirlpool

Seeking my destiny

Careering through a thousand past dreams

And lives that I had once lived.

I dance under a bright lit moon

And roller coasted over rainbows bright

I bask in the sun and enjoy the sheer delight

Of being individual and free

Living life according to my own existential belief

For u am a time traveller sailing the unlimited cosmic seas

I find it hard to to grasp why people can’t love

I find it to hard to breathe

Without passion or light or feeling

I feel my head spin around and leaves me dizzy and reeling

But beyond and above the normal day to day

I am still able to sing and dance in the rain

And celebrate within the universal parade

Of the colourful stars and nebulaes arrayed.

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