The uprising

We are seen as the underworld and the underclass

Equality is not seen to be for us

By those up in the upper-classes

Who prefer to keep us under them

So what is left except rebellion

I don’t want violence or revolution

That encompasses force like that they use

I prefer to use intelligence and I choose

To use ink and words to get my message through

Prefer to use my thoughts and wisdom

To tell and show people the truth

And expose to them the breaking news

That change can and must happen

And it will benefit both me and you

Level the playing field and give all an equal chance

And opportunities denied to us in truth

The corruption and greed has to end

And so this is the message I send

Change the game and change the rules

Or we will step up and userp you

Overthrow your rotten crumbling system

Smash the Pillars and bring down your walls

Kick you out of your ivory towers

No more being manipulated and used as your tools

Refuse to change and see what happens

We will despose each and every one of you

Who uses this system to make all these unfair rules.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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