Opportunity comes everybody’s way

But do we take it, grasp it, do we seize the day?

Or are we stopped by our apathy and just let it slip away

Watch in futility as it fades never to return again

And the only way to ensure we make the most of opportunity

Is to work hard, persevere and show dedication

Don’t let anyone stop you or hold you back

Don’t get caught in the apathy slot

And push and shout and make yourself heard

Making cutting edge lyrical verses

Roll out inspiring, motivational words

Ink that paper with consciously awakened power and passion

Put your dreams out there into action

Don’t just sit back and hope it will happen for you

Speak words of invocations and truth

Only you can make it happen for you

So go out there do what you need to do

And shine your light in a way that no one can refuse, reject or abuse

For you are authentic and amazing

You are the only unique you so ensure the words you write

Hit the right spot and power on through

And elevate your life through opportunities that you’ve accrued

By hard work, open eyes and open mind

And by being inspired and consciously aware all the time.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

9 thoughts on “Opportunity

  1. There’s something about the word, Opportunity, that has always opened my eyes a little bit wider, and helped me to spring up on my toes a little bit taller.

    Though not all opportunities are for me, those that are, have been, and will be are full of potential for sure. Ready. Set. Act!

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