Desert tale

I found myself in a desert

Parched and crawling through the sand

Feeling the heat and the granules

The sun rays beating down on me

I see a mirage of an oasis

Far off in the shimmering heat haze

I crawled on, only to see nomadic tribes passing in front of me

Then they fade and disappear

I crawl on further, only to find Arabic Mamluk soldiers

Marching before me, heavy cavalry men strong and brave

Once proud but now slaves

I crawl on still, I see vultures circling over me

Birds of the carrion stalking me

But they like the other mirages don’t disappear

And suddenly I feel fear

Then a camal train of spice trades appears in front of me

And a dark firm hand reaches out at me

‘How did you get in this mess my friend’ he said

I didn’t know, I shook my head

‘ah well, tis a tale for another day, now take my hand so you can be saved

In the name of Allah it was fate I come this way, this day’.

That’s the tale of how I was saved in the desert wastes

Yet still without knowing how it came to pass

That I ended up in this perilous state.

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