Free thinking

Free thinking

Free loving

Out of the box

My imaginings

Down the rabbit hole I go

I flow where

The frequency goes

I have a heart of gold

A big heart

And compassionate soul

I have tolerance for all

Even for those who

Disagree with my call

For an equal system

And animal rights

And in no discrimination

Between black and white

I do note hate

Even those if the state

Who recklessly

Deny climate change

I respect their views and opinions

But will show

They are wrong

Not with fear hate and violence

But using intelligence.

Deep thinking

Searching within

Looking for new answers

Upto now unseen

Forging love and unity

Through spirituality

Keeping true to my dreams

And my beliefs

I don’t need fancy words

To spell this out

Being clear

And understood

Is what it’s all about

So like me

Be true to yourself

Don’t just follow everybody else

Be unique

And though they may say

Your weird and crazy

Like me, I don’t let it faze me

I won’t change and fit in

Just to be accepted

I know who I am

And it would be good

To be resoected

But it’s not crucial

I don’t need others acceptance

On my life I seek

No repentance

I just live a good and righteous lufe

Share love as well as my light

If that’s not good enough for everyone

I will still carry on

Because I believe in me

And all I say and do

Life is about always

Being true to you

With that in mind I go

For I have much to do

Feel free to join me in this

Journey of truth

To bring about equality

Unity and harmony

A life of words and lives

Spoken and lived


Where negativity

Is a distant dream

And the world will

Celebrate all its diversity

With pride.

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