I see how you bleed

I read your words

And how you spill your ink

On the page as if you’re bleeding

And through all this

I see within your soul

I feel your warmth though you may feel the cold

But I am here for you

And I get you

Your not invisible at all

And I won’t ever let you fall

For I hear your words

And I see into your soul

I know its hard when things spin out of control

But I see you

And you are stronger than you know

The ink you bleed reveals yourself to me

And you are more

Than you know right now

But hold on tight

It will all work out somehow

It always does

Because you have the love

Of those who read your words

And see how your ink bleeds

Creatively and with a mind that’s free

And a heart of gold

And a a beautiful caring and kindly soul.

11 thoughts on “I see how you bleed

  1. Great poem. It could be about any of us, it fits all of us, very good. You encourage so well and you have faith in people. I’d like to hear you do a poem about guilt. Some of us have walls a mile thick and correction is necessary sometimes to show a person that they are sinners too like the rest of the world, or they won’t be able to experience Jesus and eternal life. You might think you are complete but only born again Christians have eternal life. So if you can’t experience all of a person then you’ll be missing out. You say your tolerant but not to all. J

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