Sinners all

Sinners all

Pride before a fall

We are all flawed

Few if any escape at all

From the judgement

But we are not perfection

We are not created that way

Or how else could we experience

The joy of happiness

And absolute abject pain

Which helps mould us

And define us

And makes us strong and grow

How would we know love

If our heart was never broke

How could we embrace the warmth

If we never feel the cold

Sinners we all maybe

But in our hearts and in our souls

Lurks compassion along with kindness

And a need to always do right

But to understand this concept

We sometimes have to cross to the other side

And get it wrong and make mistakes

To understand the difference

To help us all as human beings

Gauge the terms of reference

And as we grow and develop wisdom

Through these experiences

We realise what it means actually to live

To laugh and cry

To live and die

To ba happy and sad

To live life good

And yes to live life bad

To know we’ve experienced all

For how can anybody say they’ve lived

If they only see the light

And never had the pleasure

Of experiencing night

If all we’ve ever seen is the sun

And never witnessed the moon

Consider all you would have missed

It would be a tragedy in truth

And only those who want control

Will ever seek to tell you

That sin will cast you into hell

And you’ll forgo God’s beatitudes

These men are not the voice of God

They are just the voice of men

Open you heart and your mind

And you too can join in conversation

With the one omnipotent being

That created you

For this ever forgiving spiritual being

Is every bit a part of you

So no need for middle men

You were given free will

To taste all of life’s experiences

So sinners all we maybe

But we’re all still good at heart

And we are all living life each day

Trying to act the part

Of worthy of the love that we desire

And appreciation

Sinners though we all may be

Yet we never stop colourfully creating

Beauty and inspiration

In many different ways

To leave our mark upon this life

Long after we are passed.

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