I was in hell

I was in hell

The darkest shadow I could see

Yet I refuse to stay there

So I decided to break free

From all the pain and suffering

And all my nightmares and my fears

I had decided I wouldn’t shed anymore tears

I was in hell

But it was not for me

So I then escaped

And set myself free

I reached for the light

I reached for my dreams

I decided it doesn’t have to be this way form me

I was in hell

But I set myself free

I called on the love and positivity

I wanted the light more than I wanted the dark

So I let my soul shine and opened up my heart

And I broke free

From this hell that tried to contain me

But I desired light more

Than I desire dark

So I set myself free and on the salvation path

No I am no longer in hell

Instead within love I dwell

I chose to find salvation

And chose the light instead of dark.

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