Come here

You’ve nothing to fear

As I whisper, kiss and nibble your ear

Let me kiss your lips and then your nape of your neck

Kiss your shoulders and feel your body with my hands

As you writhe against me and we submit to each others commands

Feel each others warmth as well as the passion

As it rises up like lava, so volcanic

I want to make you explode in fiery waves

I want your body to convolse time and again

As I drive your love and lust insane

As I stimulate your being causing you to find your bliss

And lose control and arch and twist

Raising up and grinding your body and hips

On a rhythmic dance and convulsive fits

I want to pleasure you, every bit

I want you demanding more

And desiring and loving it

I want you so and want us both to fit

Like the perfect puzzle but so erotic

It drives us wild and makes our minds flip

Now just lay back, relax and imagine this

And let me show you every bit

Of what I wish to do to you

And all you need is let yoursel loose

And enjoy my attentions, for you’ve nothing to lose

Except your mind as I use all my energy on pleasuring you

And making you feel so happy

And making you feel renewed.

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