I connect with the stars

I sit under stars

My mind wanders far

Cosmic waves are talking to me

Watching out for signs

Of extraterrestrial life

Yet seeing universal

Colours in my mind

Maybe they will give a hint

Or maybe by design

I may see the cosmic line

That traces a path

To where the multiverse may be

And where there are

Many other species

Working in unity

In a galactic milieu

Far more advanced

And that’s the truth

Making contact with us

Is too dangerous they knew

So won’t be doing it too soon

We are still too savage

Warlike and brutal

For advanced beings

Who see the truth

We are heading for self extinction

And our leaders blew

Every single chance

To turn it around

Now as I sit here

Connected to the ground

I feel a part of the earth

And the galactic universe

Maybe thing will get better

They surely can’t get worse

As I connect to the light waves

Then restore my energy

I feel the hope for the future

And retain a belief

That we can all come together

As a humanity

And evolve beyond where we are now

And resonate at higher frequencies.

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