Day to day

I wake up tired and fatigued

And it’s still dark outside

There is a fog as I am driving

But it isn’t that bad

I have to travel to work

And inspire my team

But I ask who is there

To help inspire me?

Yet somehow I seem to dig deep

And somehow I find the will

At 6am in the morning

Right up until, I leave at 4pm

Just another day to get through

Making the best of it that you can

Raising spirit and hopes

Just as high as you possibly dare

And I try yo have a l as ugh and smile

And get others doing the same

For it makes for a better

And lighter slang on the day

As nd it feels like we, are all playing a game

It’s getting through life, day after day

And though you know

That there must be more than this

At this present moment, it’s just out of reach

So you simply get by and you simply exist.

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