Free verse

It’s a free verse

Don’t make it seem terse

Keep it light and full of lovr

It’s a free verse

So it shouldn’t hurt

It’s one of the few things in life that’s free

It’s a free verse

It’s not hard work

So keep smiling and be happy

For life is short

And goes by too fast

So enjoy it while you can

And spread a free verse

Everywhere you go

And whenever you can

You hold your life

And your future in your own hands

Dance and sing

And as lays be loving

Kindness and friendship

Is the greatest thing of all

As I shout it out

In a free verse

Heal those you know

That have been hurt

By offering them

Compassion and light

Connect and learn to empathise

And use a free verse

To show them day and night

That they’re never alone

That we are hear

So they’ve no cause to fear

Give them a big hug

And wipe away their tears

And teach them all about

The free verse.

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