Friendly faces


Terrorists are found in unsuspecting places

Within the guise of friendly faces

But we get distracted by the truth

By those saying they’ll protect you.

They say fear Muslims and ramp up the state

Then state fund those who are extreme and want a Caliphate

Who sponsors and funds them

Those with a friendly face

Who say your protected by the state

They tell us who we can trust

Like Saudi Arabia who kill those who disagree

Whether us may be journalists or other countries like Yemen.

The samd can be said for China as well

Ethnically and culturally cleansing from the well that is Tibet

And now for Muslims as well

To be re-educate or dissapear and be killed.

Now I often wonder shat this is all about

Why f o they ask us not to question and doubt

All that they say and the reason is not complicated

It finance’s the arms race.

You see when the Cold War ended

There was no enemy to fight

And the arms dead lers were not happy

They feared going cold at night

So they created a new enemy

Using religion and fanatical beliefs

To open up a new war which they could release

Upon the who of the unsuspecting world

Do you remember the day the Caliphate flag was unfurled

In Libya to other throw Gadaffi’s state

Then in Syria to destabilise the place

And all of this coordinated by those with the friendly face

Promising to keep us safe in their police and fascist greedy state

That care more for arms dealers than they do for you or me

Then they say ignite this truth it’s just

Fake and a conspiracy

And that people consciously awake, people liked me

Should be feared and never believed

Just stick with those with the friendly faces

Propping up the wealthy involved in the arms race.

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