Spellbinding night

In the spellbinding garden

Of the conscious mind

Everything melts in the mists of time

And paranormal phenomena

Reaches out embraces and entwines

The darkness as well as the light

As the witchcraft and magic

Combine with the alchamistic arts

In the season of the full blood moon

I feel the ether as it fills the room

The ethereal transformation

Raises up the ebony night

I sense the phantoms taking flight

The supernatural mysteries

Are obscuring my mystical sight

Taking me away in a black arts delight

As we dance around the crimson tide

Of the seedier side of the shadowy aspects of life

And as we tumble down the rickety stairs

I feel the abandonment in the eyeless gargoyles glare

With glowing red eyes that scream at us to just beware

The visions of this scary spectral night

I dissappear in the blink if an eye

In the paranormal fog of anguish and supernatural cry

That offers no real hope and tells no lies

In the bewitching moments of the full blood moon night.

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