The kiss

She saw those lips she wanted to kiss

Across the coffee shop

She heard the words and tone of voice

That she wanted spoken to her

She saw the body she craved to hold

And that as he craved to touch and kiss

She saw the one as cross thd coffee shop

Who she wanted to love and sometimes miss

She saw everything wrapped up so fine

This person so perfect by design

She waited for them to go to the loo

Then decided to follow them too.

When they came out she made her move

Told them she adored them

And found they adored her too

She moved in and planted a kiss

Their object of desire could not resist

Back into the toilet they both moved

Shutting the door they caboodled and smoozed

Each other and both feeling intense love and lust

There they both indulged in the art of making love

And when it was over they both walked out

Tidying their clothing and messing about

The whole coffee shop seemed to stop and stare

Maybe they heard what went on in their

Some shook the heads

And some smiled

Then came those words from the little child

‘Mummy are to girls allowed to kiss?’

And this was what was at the crux of all this

Not because they had made love

But because they were the same sex that for some was to much.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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