A stranger passing through

A stranger from a strange land

Appearing through the fog

Striding the landscape no sign of being lost

He was clearly other worldly

In his attire and his look

There was crackling underfoot

From the sharpness of the frost

And the darkness was giving way slowly to light

But the stranger dressed in black robes carried with unblinking eyes

Fived upon his mission to discover all about this earth

And why it is humanity does not cherish its worth

He wears a look of perplexed determination, yet also of curiosity

This stranger from a strange land would take in all he sees

Then will disappear into the ether to of the universe of dreams

To ponder on the state of mankind and its capability of evolving

With no desire to conquer a planet that’s killing itself

But more about becoming one with the rest of the multiverse one day.

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