The reaper and harvester of souls

Dark foreboding filled the narrow street

Big tall old wretched buildings leaving in

The street lights shone from the top of their posts

Spotlighting some areas while leaving others in shadow

Door on either side shut and bolted

Then a gust of wind blew rubbish down the street

Suddenly the air became chilled

And there stood a devilish entity

But dressed and looking in the form of man

Black suit white shirt black tie

White combed back ruffled hair

With a white goatee and moustache

But eyes unfocused and made of pure entire alabaster

No pupils to see just a white orb stare

He grinned fiendishly while standing there

He held at his side a cane yet he needed no support

It was a weapon and implement of torture and pain

Grimly fiendishly he went on his way

Seeking souls to steal this day

His aged skin and looks did not undermine

The sophisticated look of seeming refined

He swaggered in a casual gait

And felt confident in his way

He saw a female in her room within her flat

Brushing her hair readying to go out

His alabaster eyes turned from white to deep red

And he positioned himself and patiently waited

As she exited on to the street

Swift he was and very fleet of feet

He spoke to the woman and used his charm to disarm

And she’d agreed to go sith him for he seemed to offer no harm

They found her body later that day

Cast aside with a look if dismay in an alleyway

In her autopsy though intact

They found her heart was missing

Which was a very strange fact

But what they could not see too

Was her soul was also gone

Stolen by the grimly feindish demon

Who was still at large stealing souls as and hearts

From the shadows in the streets do dark

And with his charm that aided him to hypnotise

He stole hearts, souls and lives

For that was his satanic role you see

A reaper and harvester from brings blessed with humanity

And is very good at his job

So stay alert and you may stop

The same fault befalling you

For if he gains your heart and soul

Your spirit you lose and you’ll wander endlessly in between life and death

Suffering because peace for you will be bereft

And you’ll wander in perpetual loneliness of death

Wailing a song of sad suffering lonliness.

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