Who wants to live forever

Who wants to live forever the song says

Who wants their part they act in this dramatic play

Who wants to get off the rollercoaster half way through

Not me I still got a lot of laughing and crying to do

But do we really want to out live those who we love

And in return who love us right back to

And as I delve into philosophy

I start to understand some bits I read

About the universe and nothingness

And I realise we maybe damned or blessed

Yet in truth we know nothing at all

As we let the religions once again rule

And instill fear and compliance into us

It’s all about controlling and lording it over us

But my problem is there is not enough to love

So why would we want to live forever

In a world of suffering, misery and greed

I am doing my best to release

The chains and shackled that imprison me

Into believing this is how its always been

And its how it will always be

I sit and meditate and set my spirit free

And live my life dream by dream

And through this practice I will be free

To live many reincarnated lives happily for eternity.

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