Too good for this life

She came out of nowhere

But she shone a light

Of be uty and grace

As well as love and delight

She resonated all that was good

So how was it that she

Was a o miss understood

Fragile and precious

Yet so many hurt her

Was it out of envy

Or was a he just cursed

Or was she taken for granted

Because of her kindness

And her calm laid back ways

Her live was open to all

And as lays on display

And it seemed to attract those

Who were controlling and mean

Who were sadistic

And enjoyed destroying

Such beautiful things

For she was to amazing

To survive in this world

It wasn’t ready for the awesomeness of hers

And such that it was her light

Soon blinked out

Bullied and heartbroken

Right out of this life

And so now there’s omlh darkness

Where once there was light.

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