Choking on the stress

Why is it I can’t breathe without choking

The stress, it gets to me

Whenever I think I am winning

I hit a losing streak

No breaks, no opportunities for me

Just the same old shit that’s always plagued me.

Now I try to do things differently

I try to make a change

I put my words out their trying to be brave

I bend over backwards helping everyone

I seek nothing in return

It’s just as well because nothing is ever coming

I am a laid back individual

With a ear that hears

Other people’s problems

And I allay their fears

I tell them to hold tight

And everything will be ok

Good things happen at the right time

That’s what I say

But I find it hard to keep believing that myself

And the stress plays havoc with my physical and mental health

Yet I look around and I see no help

And no salvation from this continued situation

And it sends me insane

Reverberating in my brain

Toying with my membrane

Over and over again

Meanwhile I keep choking on the stress

Hoping for something more

But always getting less

If this is life and it’s a test

Let’s just call it a say because I’ve done my best

And whether it’s good enough or not

I’ve gad enough now and I just want it to stop.

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