Fatal liaison


It wasn’t the worst of days but it was far from the best, the sun was shining but the day was chilled and there was a sharp frost and there were frost webs decorating every bush along the road. Cars were covered in an icy covered layer of sparkling whiteness. The only noise was the sound of crisp crunching underfoot as a man in black work boots and trousers and a big blue puffer jacket and a black wooly hat. Every breath he took filled the air with steam eminating from his mouth in cloud like plumes.

The man seemed in a hurry and it was hard to know why without more knowledge of his movement preceeding this present moment.

Turning the corner at the end of the street he jogged to the bus stop as the bus drove slowly up the road. As it stopped the man waited for the doors to open and as they did he stepped onto the bus feeling the warm air caress his red raw cheeks. He reached deep into his pocket and took out some change, told the driver he wanted a single to the train station. After and exchange of coins the man took his seat and the bus moved on its way. Looking around he noticed to his suprise and apparent happiness he was the sole passenger. He then turned his focus to the window to see all that passed by. Pretty soon the bus reached the train station and the man alighted from the bus. Moving quickly he walked at pace into the station and disappeared.

A few hours later there was a breaking news story about a young woman found dead at her home, seemingly strangled to death. There were police outside and going in and out of the house. The same house the man had left earlier.

Was the man the woman’s killer? It seemed obvious that he was. The police said that they believe the victim had met her killer on a dating site.

Later in the evening there was another breaking news story that the police had identified the man from cctv from the bus and had traced him to a flat some miles away in another town. However when they arrived and entered the flat they found him dead. He was found to have been stabbed once in the stomach. The wound it turned out was some hours old.

After an exhaustive investigation in to both of the people involved it transpired she had invited round and killed at least three other men who were buried under her patio and that the man who left her flat managed to despite being stabbed managed to strangle her in self defence.

However further investigations showed that the man was revealed to be a prime suspect in the rape and murder of five women over three towns.

It appeared that on this night in question two killers paths had crossed and that as a result both carried out acts that ended each others lives. The man had clearly believed that though he had been stabbed he could treat the wound himself and that it was not life threatening.

What nobody knew was that the two people had been put in touch with each other by a woman who had known of the man’s secret and who’s brother was one of the woman’s victims. She in her own cold calculating way arranged for the pairs paths to cross on the dating site, being the one to introduce them to each other, that led ultimately to the fatal liason. She sat watching the telly then reading the reports as they unfolded in the press with great satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

In her own way she committed the perfect crime and revenge and that was confirmed when the police stated they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the two deaths.

That’s what she thought. However a week later an officer from CID who had investigated her brothers murder by the dead woman knocked on her door and informed her that she was almost certain that she had played a part in the pairs death but that she was turning a blind eye while L etting her know that if such a sequence of events happened again she would not. As far as the office was concerned justice was fine and it was now at an end. The woman agreed, shut the door went back to her computer and carried on working on the plan for her next victims.

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