Embracing diversity

To be able to love all, care and embrace

Every person of every class and every race,

Even in the face of violence, intimidation and hate,

Make those people enlightened and in my eyes powerful and great

Far more so than those who try to violate

Others for being different to them

The get angry and it infuriates

Their minds that can’t cope with diversirty

So in three ignorance they allow their insecurity

To take over and the fear then creeps in

So they target people who are different

To intimidate and aggravate everytime using degrees of hate

These people are can’t handle a multicultural state

Nationalism is their only way

Living in a place where only others like them, surround them.

So those who can cope with diversity

In my mind reside in less insecurity

And understand strength in unity and diverse communities

And can connect with love for all humanity

We are all made up of the same biology

Only skin pigment and gender makes appear differently

In the eyes and minds of those who can’t see

And despite our glorious varying ethnicities

We are the same one race and humanity

This is obviously ours to those with minds of awakened clarity.

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