Media blackout on rebellion against extinction

Mass demonstrations on on in town

Media will give it the usual blackout

Unless they can inspire fights and riots

So they can call demonstrators ancharchist causing disquiet

Paint them all as thugs and extremists

When in fact it’s just people who have a simple wish

To protect Mother Nature from further destruction

As the businessmen wet their appitite for construction

Build over once green and pleasant lands

That why they sly lift green belt bans

Eroding all of our countrysides

Polluting with plastic, fracking and chemical pesticides

We are seeing what was once a paradise die

On a global scale where humans can claim no distiction

For leading us down a road to our own extinction

So March people march and make your voices heard

To our environment humanity is a curse

With its destructive wars and exploiting natures

Putting nothing back we’ve become the planet resource rapers

Yet none of the big issues will be reported in the papers

Just images of people being arrested

And the media will say these people should be detested

For what? For trying to raise rebellion to halt our extinction

From a virus called humanity that is a big part of the symptons

Of why our resources are not exhaustible

We have to start replenishing and nurturing more

For these problems to be solved

And live as if we are part of our ecosystem

Rather than outside of it which is the path of dereliction

And ultimate extinction.

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