She’s a fighter

In the flashing blue lights of the laser rounds

And the red flashing lights of the warning alarms

She stood on the bridge of her space ship

Fighting off attackers from quantum cosmic drift

Barbarians mercanaries all

But she was determined that her crew and her would not fall

The battle ground was poised among the stars

And as it goes she was doing well so far

Taken a few hits but had destroyed many ships

There was danger in her eyes as she pursed her lips

Standing on the bridge with her short cropped red hair

She was a beautiful woman doing what others would not dare

And she did not know what it was to be scared

And she knew if she was to blink out

It would be in a blaze of glory without any doubt

But she decided this would not be the place or time

Taken down by those who committed brutal crimes

She was as strong and smarter than any of them

They all knew her by her reputation

Not a woman to crossed or messed with in any way

In the heat if battle she bdcsme crazed

But tactically masterful and unyielding

As well as unforgiving

This was a woman on a universal mission

To respected as the best captain in space

And she was already on her way

And as she took out the last ships

Dodging in and out of asteroids

The fleet sent against her had been totally destroyed

And she flew off into darkness leaving behind just the noise

Of her triumphant cheering and the laughter as it rung out

She was the warrior queen of the vast night

Flying off in glory to celebrate at home

Back to the comparative safety of her protected zone.

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