Undermining ourselved

It’s astounding

How dreams though abounding,

Can see us here standing

On the precipice of life resounding,

And staring into the cravass and wonder if we’re drowning,

In a sea of monumental under achievement

Feeling somehow that we have reached an agreement

With universe to somehow feel that we’ve failed

Despite how hard we worked and went beyond the pale

And at that point where we could have set sail,

We struck that iceberg and sank and cried and wailed

And found within ourselves a belief that we were born to fail,

When the truth is we did everything we could

And lived a way that everybody should,

Giving everything and knowing that we shook

The pillars that underpin the very foundations

Of a conscious life that we know is good

And that is carved in beauty within the wood

Of the ship that will carry us home beyond the stars

And off into the realms of sunsets afar

Away into a new life and a new start

Where we will be reborn to live out our dreams again.

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