Beyond the veil


I am iconaclastic

Because my mind blew

Like a cloud pyroclastic

When I opened my eyes

And saw the universe

Is so fantastic

Nothing like our day to day

Illusory and shiny

Domesticated plastic existence.

We live life so static

And I feel things

Getting kind of drastic

As I know the sands if time

Are slipping away

And we are to lost

And caught up

Within the mundane

We cannot see the

Phantasmagorical domain

Just on the other side if the veil

And I dispair and I wail

For this is more

That just a fantastic tale

A life do amazing

A life filled with wonderment

Is waiting there for us to find

All there in our conscious minds

Like a psychadelic trip by design

Can be ours if we open our eyes

And let ourselves go

And let ourselves flow

Into the matrix that is life

And leave our material expectations

And domesticated lives of suffering behind

And cross to the other side

Beyond the veil.

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