His love was mighty


His love for her was limitless

Timeless and pure as well as sensitive

His love was boundless and never tentative

Full on passion was his style it was relentless

He treated her as if she was a princess

He never treated her as invisible

Instead he always showed her his interest

He worshipped her as if she were blessed

In his heart and mind he was obsessed

But he felt it made him more not one bit less

She was his angel and his everything

His reason for life and so it was said

That when she left it was what caused his death

Of his spirit and being and caused his stress as he roamed the world

And searched and traversed the universe

For the reasons why his life was cursed

And why his broken heart could not be nursed

Back to health it just seemed so perverse

That his life and love could cause so much hurt

For giving everything to someone who was like the perfect verse

To his favourite love song that always seem to lurk within his mind

Every moment of the time

Yet now his mind was blank and his heart was numb

As he now was immune to love

And a zombie like being that’s taken too much

And now was hollow like an empty carcass devoid of feeling

Which was a shame

As he would never love again

Because he closed his heart.

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