Mandem thing

That boy don’t know any different

Lives like a rude boy and thinks he’s significant

Don’t disrespect him

He’s a member of a dangerous crew

Show him any disrespect he will shank you

Rude boy he ain’t scared to

Do anything his crew tell him to do

Because they say they’re his fam

They give him a gun

Bang bang

Another member of another crew dying

Bleeding on street lying

Going cold as his life ebbs away

To rude boy it’s just a game

Until one day

When he got some of the same

Motorbike pulls up

Bang bang

Another life has turned to dust

Just another life wasted

Because of society

Another life wasted

Because of money drugs and things

Driven by poverty

It’s the only escape they can see

Because they are rude boy gangstas

They don’t see the wrong in it

Because these rude boy gangstas

Have only ever known this

Young men dying

Stabbed or shot to death on the street

These rude boy gangstas

Will rob you for what’s on your feet

It’s a game to them

But don’t go disrespecting them

Or next time you’ll see them

Bang bang

You will wind up dead

Killed by the mandem

It what you get if you come across them

Bad man, waste man

It’s a mandem thing.

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