Life we live


Who are we

Are we true

Are we real

Tell me what it is you feel

Are you the person you wish to be

Or are you a creation of society

Moulded by what you’ve been told to be

Shaped and always mimicking others ideals

Negating all your hopes and dreams to fit in

Hiding you talent and light believing

What others surely have in store is really worth waiting for

Only to get old and see what’s real

A life on mundanity has been sealed

Fodder for the workhouse

Working lonv hours in shops

Those who control get the cream as you live off the slops

Did you really think they would put you first

Tell me now how much it hurts

You let them clip your wings

When you should have been flying high

Spreading your wings like an eagle in full flight

Gliding, Swooping, free feeling the great delight

Of which we should all seek to aspire

Setting your whole life on fire

Instead you allowed them to simply tie you down

Grounded and gagged from making a sound

That could inspire so many that may hear your words

Who are we

Are we true

Are we real

Tell me what it is you feel

Living imprisoned

Or living life wild and free.

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  1. Very thought provoking. Especially in today’s global climate I believe it is now we should all be true to ourselves and not sacrifice our morals. It is a practice I try to love by.
    Another great poem.


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