Divine cleansing


In a world so harsh
Where demons prey
In dark shadows
And alleyways
Of this city illuminated
By garish neon lights
No one dare walk
These streets at night.
Fear and forboding
Was to be felt everywhere
As if people somehow
Had forgotten how to care
But then in the dark dank
Unforgiving streets standing there
A bright shining image
Appeared among the glare
Through the pouring rain
And the steam rising from
The street vents stood an angel
In all her divine glory
Dressed in shining gold robes
With amour undereath
Which to me foretold
The time for battle was finally here
An angel vistingvisiting to banish
The demons and their fear
You could here the demons cries
As they sensed here pur essence
As she strodestride down streets
Casting light as demons became evernescent
She washed the dark streets and shadows
With her luminescent golden warm light
From the rod she held in her hand on the right
And in the left she cast out waves of healing
She uplifted everyday peoplespeople’s feelings
And gave them light, hopes and dreams
And turned these streets in this metropolis
Into a place so renewed
And as she did fear abated and positivity grew
And caring and sharing soon ensued
As the seething demon brood
Were sent back to their denizens of hell
With an agonising scream and yell
The angel before fading from sight
Spoke quietly yet it transposed in everyone’s mind
‘I have come and cast away the blight
Now in return you must learn to live life right
Be compassionate and tollerant
Be good of heart and soul in every instant
I have given back your reasons to hope and dream
It’s now down to you to now to reflect lights beam
Into every corner and aspect of life
To ensure you all live worthy lives lived right’
She set this challenge then faded away
Now it’s up to us to live in a better way.

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  1. I love this, Faux. It’s one thing to have someone vanquish the darkness for us and do the work of spreading love, but we must learn to follow in their footsteps and keep the cycle of love going. I love the message in this. Very powerful! 🙂

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