Metaphysical moments

I engage with the metaphysical

I connect with the universal

Some may view this as unusual

But I find comfort in the spiritual

I don’t need any approval at all

I live my life as if I am doing a recital

Like a great pianist playing in a big hall

To an audience ready to applaud

The artist loges to hear the roar of approval

Yet will still perform even if no one comes to see

Because for them like me it’s like living the dream

Of being individual, independent and existentially free

And this for me comes from living in spirituality

Constantly aware and awakened not just sleepwalking

But being open to a ll new universal possibilities

As well as life’s synchronicities and opportunities

Like the live from connecting with new beautiful people

Do awesome to me

They are like a vintage drink I love a brandy

A connoisuer knows and appreciates it’s full flavoured bouquet and body

As its warmth when consumed flows within me

I live for the essence of love quintessentially controlling my being

Under a moonlit sky while the stars are sparkling

Laying on a celestial plain breathing and basking

In the present moment of the metaphysical as it is passing

Like a magical translucent wave washing over me.

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