Time by the sea


Sat in my car today by the edge of the steps that led down to the beach

And as the rain washed down and beat on my windscreen

And I thought for a moment just accelerate

Into the sea of crashing waves and spume before me

And in a moment as the car filled with water I could meditated until the end

Where I will finlly find peace and bliss and lose myself in suffocation

Where all the stress and burdens will finally fade away

And in that moment I could let go.

Then in that moment I also realised that escape was not designed for me

Though I am strangely drawn to the sea

As we are old adversaries or compadres

That we are forever connected somehow

This powerful voluminous force

That was not my destiny, at least for today

Maybe that will change another day

But for now the struggle continues as life goes on

In its beautiful yet hard knock way.

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