A planet beyond our ken (the re- write)

On a distant world much like earth

The people prayed to their trees

Where they made their homes

Where they lived free

They worshipped them like a belief

More sacred than anything

Second only just were the soil and seas

It made perfect the air they breathed

Living in the network of nature environmentally

Nurturing and protecting every living thing

Their water sources came from the pure springs

And ut was beautiful heating all the birds sing

This was paradise a wondrous ecology

But it wasn’t all ways like this

This world was also run by the greedy

And nature was sparse no one was believing

In anything but money and material things

And life began fast dissapearing

But just before their own extinction

They changed things drastically

And went back to nature

And back to the basics

Right now we were living the dream

And now they had created better scenery

Better hopes were forged in which they fully agreed in

And built collectives and established equality

And because of this their species and technology thrived

And through all this they saved their own lives

So they see erbe the universe as a word to the wise

An inspiration to awakened eyes and open minds.

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