Why are we here?

What if we are spiritual energy

Here to learn what it means to be a human being

To feel every emotion that we go through

From euphoric achievement yo suffering

These feelings and emotions cannot be taught

They need to be experienced though it may leave us fraught

Maybe like a video game we have to try

Many times over using multiple lives

Until we learn how to achieve a win

By living kind, good and understanding

Manifesting the positive

And controlling and mastering the ngative

Which in principle sounds like an easy task

But the game is hard the more we progress

Distractions beset us and makes it a tougher test

And toxic people try to block our way

Trying to make us like them and walk the wrong way

And leave the path light abd head into the dark

But we have to learn go rhesus t this negstive spark

We need to understand hoe to respect what’s more important

And that is ourselves, others and our environment

We have to keep learning if we wish to transcend, evolve or level up

It takes focus not just luck

For acting in a place of goodness, love, positivity and kindness

Is hard than manifesting it while just sitting and thinking

It’s important to care for others and do the right thing

Live only for what you need and not out of greed

Healing the the hurts not making others bleed

As spiritual bring of energy

Maybe that’s what we are here to achieve

Enlightenment from living a life that is right

Where we walk down the path of eternal light.

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