Reflections on life

I reflect on my life

And the landscape of it

And reminiscing I think at least its good I am surviving

Through the highs and the lows

I have gone with the flow

Through things I foresaw

And through events unknown

I missed out on the limelight

But never saly never

I have traversed this life through the stormiest of weathers

I have steered my ships through the most dire of straits

And found the calm waters time and again

I followed the stars that navigated me home

I stood resilient even when standing alone

I have longed to discover the twilight zone

On a midsummer evening among Stonehenges magnetic stones

I have celestial dream I have yet to achieve

And ache to astral travel and do out of body thimgs

Meditation has been a cornerstone for me

And holding on to my spirituality

Despite being assailed by the toughest of all pains

It helped me heal and ease the strain

My conscious awakening has helped me see the truth

And this is I believe what has carried me through

So on reflection every time that I’ve been knocked down

I have refused to say on the ground

I have reached up to the light and sought inspiration

And helped md cope with all of lifes frustrations

So now as I sit here in contemplation

I discover that through manifestations

That with perseverance and strength of will

I can still achieve something good

And won’t give up until they put me in a box

And take me away but even then i will come back again

Because I am determined to master this game.

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