A Christmas of love

Apple, cinnamon scented love

Of love at Christmas I cant get enough

So much joyful spirit for so many

Christmas cheer for some is one of plenty

But for others Christmas is not s time of cheer

For some it’s a struggle and a real fear

Parents who can’t givd their kids what they need

People still live tough on the streets

Soup kitchens thrive this time of year

For some Christmas is laughter

Fo others it’s tears

And as the choral hymns ring in my ears

One thing I know is very clear

Christmas should be a time for loving and caring

A time for compassion, tolerance and sharing

A chance for all ty o unite

A real opportunity to heal divides

The crossing borders of colour, faith and class

An opportunity not to let it all pass

Help those around you who are finding it hard

For the greatest gift you can give at all

Is love caring and sharing with one and all.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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