Surviving the pain

I view a Panasonic scene

Of past pain and misery

Like a battlefield after a war has been fought

So much despair leaving our nerves fraught

So much carnage o much grief

And we view it wondering how we survived it

But we did so it’s now about deciding

Do we choose to dwell in this place so diquieting

Or will we choose to find a way

To move forward and onward from this stage

Try to find our inner peace within the rage

Like ast the end of a chapter will we turn the page

Find the light despite these dark times

Find new love and develop a new mind

Learn the lesson of what we’ve just been through

Learn how from birth we grew by lessons we learnt along the way

This is not any different in anyway

You may feel your life is over

You may feel that you’ll never heal again

But truth is, that’s down to you

Down to the action that you choose

Just roll over and give it all up

Or be strong, stand tall znd find a new love

For there is plenty out there for those with eyes to see

For those who decide to believe

That the sun will one day shine after even the worst storm

This is not unusual its the norm

Weather the hard times and never lose hope

Know that you have the ability to cope

For you are far more resilient than you know

Just free yourself from the pain you self imposed

And let yourself fly away and simply float

On the wings of an eagle heading into tomorrow.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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