She has blue hair

And likes to wear black

She has the whitest skin

Beauty she does not lack

She looks like a porcelain figurine

Fragile to the touch

A vision and a dream

But don’t get it twisted

She very inelligent

And with a passion

And real warrior inner strength

Her clothes show a crafted shape

That is fine and so elegant in design

But she has spirit

And she knows her own mind

She can be riotous

She likes also having fun

She is amazing in abundance

She is a feminine divine

With an awakened conscious mind

She is the best that you will ever find

Caring and loving

But a you best read the signs

She is a doormat to no one

But still remains sublime

Calm when she needs to be

But the worst storm you’ll ever meet

If you cause her pain

A lesson she will teach

That you won’t forget

But you’ll regret

Ever causing her to have to put you through it

And you’ll not see her again

Because she is strong enough to walk away

And that will be to your shame

Because she is wonderful in every single way.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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