Sensual dream gone south


He imagined the softness of her lips
The silkyness of her perfect skin
Hearing her bresth hasten as the passion of being close
Made hef heartbeat faster and her chest stsrt rising
As the energy flowed between them
As the ir eyes met and and the touch of fingers
Caused sparks of static electric
And as the began to kiss deeply
He felt her give into him completely
As he conquered her so swiftly
She would taste so very sweetly
In hix mind this was his vision as he watched her in all her beauty
Sitting at a table in his favourite coffee shop
But as he moved go make his conquest
Another beauty then walked in
And kissed he so very sensually
He sat down and gave in
For it was irrelevant that she was a lesbian
It was the connection that he sensed
And the loved and sensual moment
That he was imagining
And knew at some point
That they would both be savouring
While he stopped upon his coffee
Simply dreaming and longing.

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