The silence is now palpable

In this house, which was once a home,

One more setting at the table

Is a sign that you’re no longer here,

The silence now is deafening

It leaves a ringing in my ears,

I feel sitting in this candle light

The worsening of my fears,

That things will never change from this

Now that you are no longer by here,

I am doomed to live this life now

Simply shedding tears,

Every other light has gone out

Save for this candles flickering flame,

Life seems so superfluous now

But I will try to live it the best I can in your name

But the silence is so hard ever since your light went out,

The silence is deafing and there is nothing left to shout about,

No laughter,

No conversation,

Just empty hollow nothingness,

Since you left, though not it was not your choice

I am left feeling bereft

In the silence of this house,

That was once a home,

One more setting at the table than I need

For there is no longer you and me

And this is a sad a lonely place to be,

Living with the silence

The silence that defines all things

And causes this ache within me.

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