Questioning everything

Are you your thoughts?

The answer is no of course

You are the author and creator

But you will never be a truthful narrator

Unless you question you beliefs

What it is you percieve yourself to be

Go within and study everything you see

Dont be afraid to confront your fears of being wrong

Or changing the record and singing along to a different song

Truth is now the only thing now as we move along

Into a world of reality, not this superficial illusory

That we were taught to Accept and obey

In a wholey blind and domesticated way

You are not your thoughts

You are much more than that

Far more different and individual in fact

But to find this authentic you within this dream like or nightmare theme

We must learn to question everything

And percieve different ways that we may actually be

And realise its OK to doubt our beliefs

For only in this way will we discover the truth

About what we are and all we can do.

12 thoughts on “Questioning everything

      1. When such creative streak strikes – must not stop is my humble suggestion. I get these too. Not often nowadays. Many distractions . Appreciation is all I can offer. Regards Jay

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