It’s not like they care

I’ve been ill for days

But nobody cares

Running a fever

But nobody cares

Head is pounding

I cannot stop shaking

And there’s no sign of it breaking

My boss says i need to work tomorrow

And everyone else acts like I am making this up

So I’ll go to work as shit as I feel

To keep my boss happy

There’s no room for appeal

I will drag myself through another day

What dies it matter no cares any way

Yes, I am indulging in self pity

Yes, I am being a little self centered

But as I go ages without being ill

You would think tha t people would see this is real

But those around dont care it seems

To wrapped up in themselves you see

So I’ll work through the headache, the fever the shakes

And at 6.30 am i will wake

And drag my self through another day

To keep everyone else happy and go put a smile on their face.

23 thoughts on “It’s not like they care

  1. I hope you feel better soon, Faux. I’m so sorry that people are being so inconsiderate about your sickness. Sometimes people are so self absorbed, they are not even concerned about anyone else. Please get well, my friend.

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