War of attrition


Life can be a war of attrition

Full of contradictions

It can be a mission

Full of addictions and afflictions

Life can be a roller-coaster ride

So you had better hold on tight

Because as far as I can tell

It’s the greatest of thrill rides

It will make you scream and laugh

It will make you fear and cry

It will fill you full of life

But then make so scared you will die

Everything in life is always thrown up in the mix

It will cause your mind a multitude of tricks

And if all this we were told before our birth would we still love it

Or choose to turn our backs away saying thanks but you can keep it

That life is so tormenting is somewhat of a secret

And when you find this to be the truth

It’s too late then to choose

Because you are in the midst of it

And life suffers no fools.

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