The lake and the church

She woke in the morning and he was gone, the chill of the air and the new dawn, greeted her skin as she walked to the table, a letter was there saying he was unable, to give her whst he felt she needs and so the only right thing was to leave, he was a coward and full of deceit she knew he meant he never felt pleased.

Her heart felt broken she had given all that she good, so she got dressed and left the house for the woods, walking through trees, she felt the dappled sun rays helping keep the chill morning at bay. As she broke out of the woods and thd trees, she felt the liamy grass below her feet, it led her down to a shimmering blue lake, like a mirror reflecting everything like a display. She stood by the edge it seemed to reflect her life, it offered her peace of mind, as the tears ran d own her beautiful face, a he looked at the white church across the lake, taking a few steps she was immersed within the water, so cold it hurt but then she felt healing and then release, she found serenity and inner peace. As she immersed herself in the lake she went under the water full of heartbreak, it gave her sanctuary, it shook her awake and as her last breath she was to take, she found her self on the bank that day, she got to her feet, went to the church and prayed, it was if she had been shown a new way, one of awakening and a conscious array of possibilities to live today.

Opening her arms at the alter of love she breathed in life a n d in return she felt divine enough to find her feet and to get up. She walked to the door, saw the lake and the woods, she saw the morning just how she should, amazing and beautiful and like anything could, be achieved if given focused thought, so she decided today would be a new day, that she found salvation and that she was saved and this gave her hope and inspiration to pick herself up and go on her way, to find her new self on this awakening day, feeling new love would come her way in many different and divergent ways.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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