Tribal factions

Tribal factions

Follow others rule

Tribal factions

Used as tools

Fight others corners

While being controlled

Victims of corrupted souls

Tribal factions

Built around hate

Society created

Sponsored by the state

Divisions make it easy to rule

Fanatic extremists

Blind ignorant fools

Tribal factions

Follow like sheep

Tribal factions

Are for the weak

Tribal factions

Don’t think their own thoughts

Tribal factions

Repeat what others talk

So devoid of original thought

Tribal factions

Have been bought

By promises that are derived from lies

Tribal factions

Choose your side

This side, that side

You’ll never side me

I base my thoughts

On unique consciousness things

Derived from authentic originality

Borne from my existential driven

Self governed authority

That’s why tribal factions are not f or me

For I am an individual and I am free.

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