From a simple touch

A touch of humility

Increases our humanity

A touch of love

Can dissolve hate

A touch of peace

Can end a war

A touch of simple kindness

Can disarm those who may harm us

We have a choice

What kind of life

And world in which we want to live

With a touch of positivity

We can eliminate negativity

And find that we can be happy

Eliminating suffering

Through a touch of sharing and caring

We can bring about a touch of equality

Which is closer than we are right now

And will uplift all those in poverty

Now tell me this is not a good thing

So touch the world with your love and kindness

Don’t live in the cold ignorant blindness

That sees us end up old and bitter souls

Live life each day within the present

Give to all the greatest and immense

Feeling in the world they’ve ever know

And that is every living thing matters

And should live as one in unity

Retaining our unique individuality

And know that with one simple touch

We can save this world

And with one touch we can bring about change

And that change should start within us.

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