Sate the thirst

Sate the thirst

Drink the elixir

Taste the love

Feed on life

Quell the angst

Subdue the pain

Fire up the engines

Stoke the flames

Show gratitude

For remaining sane

We hide in shade

In realms of grey

This distortion

Shows the way

That we can learn

And we can train

The mind to always

Simply obey

Through meditation

The stillness stays

And we reside

In a luminescent place

Of our own making

We are what we create.

8 thoughts on “Sate the thirst

      1. You’re most welcome, I truly do feel like we’ve all in this together 💖 and the more we can reach out beyond our own individual fears to become more present, the more we will all realize how truly connected we really are, and how we are sharing such similarities along our own unique, individual paths. 💖

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