Self imposed



To achieve

More than the ordinary

Looking to fit in

Being seen as complying

Perfect house

Perfect life

Couple of kids

Husband or wife

Perfect job

Look at me

Perfect member

Of society

Fitting the roles

Decided for me

By parents, teachers

Who conditioned me

Instilled the blueprint

Within my mind

Brainwashed me over time

From my birth

Right to the grave

Don’t consider

Going your own way

Live exactly as you’re taught

Never try to break away

Too much was invested in you

Don’t try to see the truth

That free will was given to you

To live your own way

By your own rules

Not by how others tell you too

You are unique when you do

The things that inspire you

Create your own life

From your individual mind

Be creative all the time

Live an existential life

That won’t leave you bitter

At the end of life

But instead will leave you

Feeling satisfied and completed

Happy reviewing memories

Of the past repeating

As we fade from life to death

Contented as we breathe our final breath.

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